Saturday, May 31, 2008


I REALLY hate to do this during the Chloes, but it's all I've been thinking about lately, how necessary I've found it to get this over with:

Joe's Movie Corner is beyond the point of no return.

It's grown too pointless to keep up. Too staled. I've doomed it myself, and from the moment I created it's name. I used my actual name instead of my pen/preferred name in the title and, by assumption, restricted myself to only film, which I've never focused on completely, which makes me depressed. And this is in no way, shape or form a corner. People grow up. They realize their mistakes. But sometimes, like the Holocaust to Germany or Dakota Fanning to her parents, they can't be undone by mere apologies or witch-trials.

So I'm afraid this is the end of the road for JMC. Or at least very near the end.

But do not cry for me... like you'd be crying for me ...this is not my end. I've actually already created a new blog... a less restricted and more free blog. Where I can talk about whatever the frak I want without feeling I owed something to my readers. Oh, don't worry - it will still be film-centric, it just won't be a foolish attempt at being limited to just film. Plus: it's neon-y! And who doesn't love neon?

So... um... yeah. If you have any questions or loose ends to tie up, please, don't hesitate to ask. Or if there is anything I'm forgetting, PLEASE don't hesitate to ask!

Now, we just wait for the body to die, and it'll be all over...


At 5/31/2008 9:50 PM , Blogger Barry said...

So does that mean the Chloe's are over? Cuz if it is, than that sucks. You can't just stop in the middle...can you?

At 5/31/2008 9:51 PM , Blogger Barry said...

*stop in the middle and not continue

At 5/31/2008 9:52 PM , Blogger J.D. said...

The Chloes are not ending, in fact I've been randomly updating them. But the post-updates are on hiatus.

At 6/01/2008 1:29 AM , Blogger Fletch said...'s the new URL and name?

(The LAMB is not pleased to hear this news, by the way...)

At 6/01/2008 2:19 AM , Anonymous nick plowman said...

OH. My BEST FRIEND is moving on...well, we all have to at some point, hell I know I have. And moving, changing things up only proved better for me in the long run, so I wish YOU every success in your new endeavor, I will no doubt update my bookmarks and learn to type your new URL in my sleep using my baby toe, and all with work just fine, you will feel more free and more YOU and things will only get better, neon, duh. Besides, you are an integral component in our plan of world domination, and a new not-corner may just prove to be the secret weapon we've always needed.

Rambling, but whatever, this is a huge deal, and I just wanted to chime in. :)

At 6/01/2008 2:21 AM , Anonymous nick plowman said...

and all will work out just fine*

(this news or rather clarification is making us all a little on edge, but in a good way)

At 6/01/2008 9:06 AM , Blogger PJ said...

You're toying with us, little man. But I like the sound of the neon.

At 6/01/2008 10:39 AM , Blogger J.D. said...

Fletch: I'll announce that in a few days, once I finish it's introductory mega-post. And DANG IT, I knew The LAMB would be annoyed by this...

Nick: Jeez, man. ♥

PJ: Oi.

At 6/01/2008 3:24 PM , Blogger Dame James Henry said...

I'm sad to see JMC go, but I bet the new blog will be bigger and better than ever!

At 6/01/2008 4:01 PM , Blogger J.D. said...

Oh, you better believe it, James!

At 6/01/2008 7:34 PM , Blogger DL said...

I will definitely miss reading JMC daily, but maybe it's for the best. Know that I'll most likely be reading the new blog just as much (once you announce the URL.)

It's been a great run, JD!

At 6/01/2008 11:33 PM , Blogger J.D. said...

Awww, thanks man! Jeez, I'm so susceptible to flattery... ;)

At 6/03/2008 11:13 AM , Blogger Michael Parsons said...


At 6/04/2008 7:20 AM , Blogger Glenn said...

aww, but I totally get you. I mean, hello, I did it myself! It's kind of liberating because I was always hating certain things about my old blog that annoyed me. And the new URL was kind of a cleansing.

Can't wait!

At 10/09/2008 11:27 AM , Anonymous enthiran said...

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At 12/14/2008 11:11 AM , Blogger Ms☆Go said...

Aww, man. :(

I can't say I don't understand, though.

I've been pulling back a bit for similar reasons. I want to to stay fun and a completely selfish bit of indulgence for me.

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