Friday, June 22, 2007

Much Ado About Desperate

I haven't done one of the roundup posts in a while, and since we at JMC are in a minor slump and comments are scarce, here we go. Demanding.


Let's start off with a bang: Happy Birthday Meryl Streep. And she's only 58. It would seem she's at least 7,000 years old, right? May you win a third Oscar very soon.

From MNPP, possibly the greatest PSA in the history of the world, AM I WRONG?!

And, um, did the robot, uh... use protection? You should always be safe; wear a MagnetCondom. (src)

Becca has outdone herself with this ^. It gives me the creeps and inspires me at the same time... :shudders:


So, today I saw Breach. It was sitting on top of my TV for a week (along with Eternal Sunshine, but that's unlikely for viewing to be honest sadly), and I watched it. And I think I love it. It's so quiet, so slow, yet so exuberantly tenseful and brilliant. Chris Cooper is, obviously, at the top of his game, as is (surprisingly) Ryan Phillippe with almost easily the best of his career. But what I foolishly didn't expect was Laura Linney, one of the world's most likeable and personable actresses, who I expected here just to be a character with no real depth, and boy was I wrong. I love her. Look up, I do. Overall, it's definitely worth it and I wish I had seen it in theatres. ****


-- Glenn proves his exponential genius in the form of mocking Eli Roth for the thousandth time...
-- And Why David Lynch Is A Genius and Karma Sucks...
-- Aaron (otherwise the greatest amphibian warrior ever) puts forth his candidate for president. I must say it's not bad...
-- I, for one, am eagerly awaiting the assured mindf@#king of the children...
-- Here: "I'm sorry. May their monkeys souls are destroyed with an all-consuming evil guilt, haunting them night and day, until they return the laptop." Yup...
-- I half-won, nuff said...


I have (so far) profiled 2 categories for JMC06 over the newly-formed bloghubsite, which I had fun using the layout function to make it with the colors it has. I hope to do all 45 others by the fourth of July. Okay, mid-July. I should be done by Thanksgiving, yeesh! Otherwise, it's been uneventful really. Except that I've crapped up again at the OscarWatch AwardsDaily forums. I'm a horrible person when people disagree with me, it's the way I am. :sigh: Oh well. That was my, fourth persona, I think. I should just stop.

And I must also ask you to try your best guess at the ONE LEFT on the first Lyric Meme, and the many free spaces on the second. Please? With whip cream on top?

Well, I'm off to see A Mighty Heart, which is surprisingly wide this opening weekend, and assured to gain Ms. Jolie a second Oscar nomination. Yeah, she only has the one she won for. First, shower, so --- BYE! [runs] (Nope. I have failed myself. :shamespiral:)

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